Karren Pohlschneider oversees the bakery to assure quality and freshness at French Prairie Gardens in St. Paul, OregonThe Bakery

Nothing completes a visit to the farm more than the smell and taste of fresh homemade goodies straight out of our country ovens! Stop in daily or call to make an order.

  • Homemade Fruit Pies, using apples, peaches, and berries fresh picked right here on the farm!
  • Muffins, moist and tasty
  • Super cookies like grandma use to make! (no frozen packages in our kitchen!)
  • Scones to delight the delicate palate
  • Fresh Baked Sweet Fruit & Vegetable breads!!
  • Fruit Coffeecake & Cobbler

Bakery Basket Program:

You'll love our homemade cookies, breads, pies, muffins and scones at French Prairie Gardens in St. Paul, OregonThe Bakery Basket from French Prairie Gardens is yet another farm-fresh option, providing you with fresh baked goodies right from our farm bakery. Interested CSA members receive 18 weeks of seasonal muffins, scones, breads, cookies, and pies made fresh daily on the farm.

The bakery basket costs $275 for 18 weeks. A typical basket might include a large pie, a small loaf of zucchini bread, and two pieces of coffee cake. The basket can either be delivered or picked up at the farm. Some delivery requirements apply. See CSA

CSA members- to add a bakery item to your harvest box each week will cost just over $7.50 per week, or $135 for the season. Or you could choose to have a large pie each week, for only $200 for 18 weeks.

If you are not a CSA member, you may still participate in any of our bakery basket programs, so please call us today!

We are now offering competitive wholesale pricing for wholesale orders. Contact Karren at (503) 633-8445, or use our contact form for more details.

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